Hey! With so many interesting resources around the web I quickly (4h thanks to Telescope) created this app which will help me have a collection of what I'm reading and a quick overview of how I'm doing with comprehension 🌚.


In the front page you can see a listing of online resources that I (or we) have seen. These can be posts, youtube videos, or any resource you can think of. They have an associated reading speed and one or more comments which ideally will be summaries which reflect the comprehension rating (up to 5 stars).

In the listing you can also find blog posts such as the one you are reading which of course don't have any of the properties I mentioned above.


Two main reasons:

  • I recently created a mind map of my main short and long term life goals. Many of these require concentration and sharpness which has to be developed on a daily basis. Additionally, as a Software Engineer I read plenty of information about different tech and non-tech topics. Acquiring higher reading speed and comprehension will highly increase my chances of success, and knowing that I will report what I read publicly will force myself to concentrate more while reading.
  • I have the luck to have inspirational and very competent relatives and ancestors. Being good is not enough if I want to keep the greatness pace.



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